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What do Heart ART Parties look like?

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

It’s an amazing opportunity to gather with your friends and enjoy some meaningful time together.

You pick a party package, book a time, invite some friends and Ginger brings the party to you.

Ginger brings all the party supplies - including protective drop clothes.

You will need enough space for each person to have a seat and some room to move around.

A large kitchen table works great but a big enough room for everyone to have some floorspace is good, too.

It will start with a few minutes of gathering supplies and getting settled in.

Ginger will start by quickly explaining what we will be up to.

Each person will have an opportunity to tell us about something that brings them joy.

Together we will do some gentle movement that helps us all relax.

We will do some Heart Holding and Intention Setting to enjoy our time together.

A little more movement (totally optional and accessible for most everyone)

Then a seated guided meditation to get even more relaxed.

The meditation will blend into connecting with the ART supplies.

After a few more tips, everyone is free to create their own unique ART.

Each person will be able to leave with their bag of supplies and their ART project.

As things wind down Ginger will clean up all her stuff and leave you to enjoy your friends.

Each person gets to participate in ways that feel good to them, there is no pressure to do anything that does not feel good to them.

These always turn out to be so much FUN!

You can pick your Party Package in Projects on the Main page - Heart ART Parties

You can get so much more information in more BLOG posts.

You can check out our Party Pictures in Projects on the Main page - Heart ART Parties

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