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Updated: Mar 30, 2023


I am Ginger, the Creator of THE WELL HELD HEART

This is my Lighthearted Adventure in sharing the Power of Potentiality.

The power we each have to Choose to make our own Aliveness more Enjoyable.

After 3 decades of being a self help junky, a chronic dieter and yoga groupie…

I honestly believe HEART HOLDING finally saved my mental health.

It feels so Good!

The formula is


Simple and not quite as easy as it sounds.

It’s a bunch of enjoyable ways to uncover our true value.

The road to lightheartedness can be rocky and playful and fun and frustrating and a mix of all the emotions… and it feels so good as we get lighter and lighter.

It’s all about choosing to use words and ways that raise the vibrational energy in the body. Essentially creating new programming that softens old stories.

Gathering together with other humans and creating ART can be one of the very best ways to really hear our inner critic that is trying to keep us small and quiet and what it thinks is safe.

But it is dimming our light and foreboding our joy. I can guarantee that getting more curious, compassionate and creative will feel so much better in the long run.

By now you may have noticed my love for goofing around with words. It amazes me that a child that struggled to read has become a woman who loves words. My home is full of word decorations, my art is full of words and what I share is full of words. It took 50 years to fully appreciate the power of words. How we use our inner words changes everything!

The Heart is Held Well by an inner voice that comes back to LOVE time and time again.

THE WELL HELD HEART is here to show us a few ways to get there.

Here is a little about ME - I live in Utah now but will always be from Idaho. I am the very proud mama of 2 amazing young men. I love their dad very much. We are home bodies that also love our adventures out into nature. I truly enjoy yummy food, long walks, yoga in all its forms and reading about ways to create more harmony with life.

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